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【English Lyrics】 Doll and Chocolate

原題『チョコレイトとお人形』(Original song was written and composed by Hinata Haruhana / ひなた春花)原曲YouTube版Original Lyrics in Japaneseこの詞の日本語訳はこちらをご覧下さい。この歌詞で歌ってみた動画はこちらにあります。"I've written your birthday in my date book"You told me and smiled mischievouslyYour classical trick to delude me I knowBut I can't help believing that you like me...

【English Lyrics】 It's a liar's world

原題『嘘つきの世界 - It's a liar's world -』(Original song was written and composed by scop / すこっぷ)原曲YouTube版Original Lyrics in Japaneseこの詞の日本語訳はこちらをご覧下さい。この歌詞で鏡音リン・レンに歌わせてみた動画はこちらにあります。It's a story I heard bygone daysThere was a girl who loved fairy talesThen she learnt as time went byThe tales she loved were nothing but lies...

【English Lyrics】 The puzzler [Long] ver.

原題『ナゾトキ[Long]ver.』(Original song was written and composed by Hinata Haruhana / ひなた春花)原曲(鏡音レンver)YouTube版Original Lyrics in Japaneseこの詞の日本語訳はこちらをご覧下さい。この歌詞で鏡音リン・レンに歌わせてみた動画はこちらにあります。"Here comes the first mysteryIn his cabin when he was lonelyHad some poisoned wineWhy killed himself with no sign?"...

【English Lyrics】 The umbrella in my right hand

原題『右手に傘を』(Original song was written by Hinata Haruhana / ひなた春花composed by Shaker / しえいか)原曲(KAITO ver)YouTube版(ひなた春花ver)Original Lyrics in Japaneseこの詞の日本語訳はこちらをご覧下さい。この歌詞で歌ってみた動画はこちらにあります。I put up my umbrella, put it through the clouds in the airTo pierce a hole there just about the size I can get through...

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