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【English Lyrics】 Domestic Canary

(Original song was written and composed by Hinata Haruhana / ひなた春花)
Original Lyrics in Japanese

"The distance between us is unchanged"
"If it changes you are to be blamed"
You say you are the one feeling lonely
I think I am the one of loneliness

If you wished I would make it true for you
Whatever you hoped I desired to do it
Whenever you told me a lie rather clumsily
I knew it but I played along with you

You were here next to me yesterday
Why so far away from me today?

Skyscrapers sank into the sea
A train was running through a galaxy
You were gazing it so fondly
The world you wished to be true

"I kept walking for long and got tired"
"Now I'll take the train, I made up my mind"
"What about you?" You keep asking me it
What should I say? I don't know

How I could have held you back from the train
However, when you gave me the last smile
I wonder if you waited for my words
The words never came out of my mouth

You are far away from me today
Tomorrow I'll lose sight of you as fate

No names, no words are needed here
No sounds, no shapes can be formed here
Like a clear sky after the rain
How beautiful this world is

Was it I who left you alone?
Was it you who left me in this life?
On the night we left each other
Were you too crying? I wonder

This world is our Shangri-la
We are forgiven for all we've done (and we haven’t)
But you are the one to be blamed
For this rain falling with no end



A part in red is NOT written in the original song in Japanese.
A part in yellow is somewhat my free translation.
For use of my translation in your work, please see this link.



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