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【English Lyrics】 Re_birthday - The clockwork lullaby #3-

(Original song was written and composed by
mothy_Aku no P / mothy_悪ノP)
Original Lyrics in Japanese

I woke up alone in the darkness, so cold
Everything around me was painted in black
Nothing I could see, nothing I could hear
All I could do was shivering in the coldness of the dark

The ceiling had a hole, the hole was large and dark
Looking up, I found huge clockwork in it
Out of the black I heard a scaring voice
From the clockwork on the ceiling it talked to me "Boy,

You have been leading such a godless life
Now it is your turn to get paid back for your guilt
You will be locked up in this room alone forever"

At that moment all my memories were recalled just like flickers
How many times I hurt people who had nothing wrong, just innocent
Had the reason to be here, knew my destiny to end up
I will never ever be with you again, I can't reverse time

I realized both my wrists were held in red handcuffs
that color reminded me the blood of people I have harmed
Both my ankles were pegged down in the chains of watery blue
I knew these were made of tears I led them in the depth of sorrow

"Lu-li-la, lu-li-la" (a) melody is coming from nowhere
The tune sounds like a lullaby
Who's singing? I have no idea

How long have I been here? How many days have passed?
Keep asking the clockwork but it's not in motion
From time to time I hear the singing voice
Only the tone of lovely voice relieves and ease(s) my mind

Countless times I hear the angelic voice singing
At last I discover the truth in the song
Then I begin to sing a new song of mine
by adding some words to the lullaby high above

A glimmer of light is coming toward me
through a gap of the clockwork in the dark
I know it, I have known it

This is the message you've kept sending me!

The clockwork now in motion is telling me in a gentle voice
"The sins of your life will never be wiped from your slate, don't forget"
"But the story of waters and the story of evil
We will turn them into songs and you have (a) voice to sing for us"

The red handcuffs are fallen off and talking to me like Mother
"You are given a chance of rebirth
Live your true life in daylight"
The blue shackles are broken and talking to me like Father
"Sing a song of joy 'cause it's your new birthday, your re_birthday"

Everything around me begins to revolve then flash(es) in white
I'll be seeing you soon again to sing (a) new song for you


( )は歌いにくいので、発音しない部分です。


A part in red is NOT written in the original song in Japanese.
A part in yellow is somewhat my free translation.
For use of my translation in your work, please see this link



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