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【English Lyrics】 Adolescence

原題『アドレサンス(Adolescence) サンドリヨン鏡音ver.』
(Original song was written by orange, composed by Signal P / シグナルP)
Original Lyrics in Japanese

Being together forever, the promise between you and me
We've been the best friends, but it's over?
The same blonde we still have, in the mirror on a morning
I brush yours (and) you do mine, as we always do, but…

In one baby cot we dreamed the same future
(The) ties between you and me would never be broken,
I've believed, but now…

Through the glass I find a stranger
Why (are) you whispering (in) such (a) low voice?
Wishing all the mirrors were broken to pieces not to see it anymore

The castle of bricks we played together has been broken down
with our innocence
Growing pains tell the end of the childhood now
I'm a knight and you're my princess

Distortion of shadows, place my palm on yours
Our hand widths aren't the same as before

"The time for beddy-bye, I'm gonna go, my princess"
Said such words first time, why don't you stay?
Heard the click of the door, jumped out of my bed
Held your shirt to hold back, you took my hand softly…

I kissed your hand only half-jokingly but
Felt a rush deep inside, I was about to lose control
The moment…!

"Please don't turn off, I hate the darkness, I can't fall asleep if alone
Do not go!" I cried out, threw my pillow at you
Being messed-up so bad

"Are you afraid of the ghosts? You still a kid, my baby princess"
Gazing at your eyes with tears sparkling
I bite my words back, my true words

The secret time of ours in the nursery only for us is fading away now
like a far-off dream
The warmth of your skin I felt through your night dress
unlocks the secret door in my heart

Holding our breath not to be heard, locking the door in silence
I look at your face, you gaze into my eyes
We look for the word to say now

Put the light off to darken the bedroom
So I can't see your
childish excuse
The scent of your hair, to caress it now I can even deceive myself

Stop the clock to cherish this moment sharing an embrace each other
Listen to your heartbeat pounding so hard and fast
to synchronize the beat of mine

Breath of passion mixing together, feel the heat of your body in my arms
I will not move on, I am just keeping still
To be your knight, my princess

( )は歌いにくいので、発音しない部分です。


A part in red is NOT written in the original song in Japanese.
A part in yellow is somewhat my free translation.
For use of my translation in your work, please see this link



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