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【English Lyrics】 The umbrella in my right hand

(Original song was written by Hinata Haruhana / ひなた春花
composed by Shaker / しえいか)
原曲(KAITO ver)
Original Lyrics in Japanese

I put up my umbrella, put it through the clouds in the air
To pierce a hole there just about the size I can get through

Others don't know but I know you are hung up in the clouds
Now I'll come there to save you no matter how far away from you

A roll of thunder resounds to stop my feeble steps
But my inward eye can see you as my destination

I can hear you crying from the place of far, far away
My hollow voice calling you in a blinding rain fades away

The long spell of rain goes on, pouring harder than before
The raindrops hit me in the face but I open my eyes to see fore

I can hear you sobbing now, you are somewhere close to near
Can you hear me calling you? Now I've come to call for you here

The chill of rain froze my hands, all my fingertips are benumbed
Holding out my arms for life I finally seize your hand

We'll leave here together now by taking a long, long way home
Never let go my grip on you, hand in hand we'll go home in the rain

One and only one arm to stand up for you
This umbrella of the gray clouded sky
You may think it’s too feeble like a broken reed
Yes, it's just like me, but for life I'll fight for you

In my right hand, the umbrella 'coz it's my old and trusted one
In my left I hold your hand 'coz you're my sweet and precious one

Let's leave here to our home not to get wet through the lane
Not to catch a cold in the rain
I will guard you from all pains



A part in red is NOT written in the original song in Japanese.
A part in yellow is somewhat my free translation.
For use of my translation in your work, please see this link.



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