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【English Lyrics】 Let me play the piano

(Original song was written and composed by Hinata Haruhana / ひなた春花)
Original Lyrics in Japanese

2011.2.10追記 JOYSOUNDで配信決定しました!おめでとうございます!

*I will never tell you that I love you
Never hope that you'd get to know about my feelings
I know you won't remember all those tunes, yet still,
Please let me play the piano for you*

I caught sight of you yesterday afternoon
On the street in front of the pastry shop
A guy caught up with you in a short while
I saw you gave him such a tender little smile

I lost my words at the sight of the bitter truth
You passed by me with him then no looking back
Your sweetest smile surely stole my heart away
Even though I knew the smile was not for me

You've filled all my days with joy and happiness
Ever since I met you by chance
Now it's your turn to get happiness with him
Leaving me alone

* repeat

How many melodies I have written for you
How many songs I have sung only for you
Now I've decided to throw them all away
'Cause I know I should give my blessing to you

A pen holder was the last thing left in my hand
Had always been with me when I wrote you songs
I tried to break it in half in despair
But stopped and put it back on my music stand

You are walking up your steps for tomorrow
Next to him with happiness

I wish I could be there standing by your side
To bring you happiness

If I tell you my heart, it turns to a lie
Those days yet can't be changed to sweet memories
Know you won't listen to the notes I play, yet still,
Please let me play the piano for you

My heart for you is a serenade
A lonely night is a requiem

Obbligatos are the sound of rain

(Do you know I love you?)

I can never tell you that I love you
Even if you forget me someday in your life
I wish the song remains forever in my heart
So let me play the piano for you

Please let me play the piano for you



A part in red is NOT written in the original song in Japanese.
A part in yellow is somewhat my free translation.
For use of my translation in your work, please see this link



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