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【English Lyrics】 It's a liar's world

原題『嘘つきの世界 - It's a liar's world -』
(Original song was written and composed by scop / すこっぷ)
Original Lyrics in Japanese

It's a story I heard bygone days
There was a girl who loved fairy tales
Then she learnt as time went by
The tales she loved were nothing but lies

Hiding every dirt behind
Lining up nice words in sight
As the nursery rhymes in the night
The empty words prevail in the world

You know, we are alike
But like two sides of a coin
We cannot see eye to eye
Oh, why? Oh, why?

This is the world of liars we fabulated
You're showing lovely smiles but pretending it
I'm never able to read your true feelings
And hurt you, and harm you with all my nonsense and empty words

It's a devil who tells a lie
It's an angel who tells the truth
And we tell both truths and lies which makes the world more troubling place

All truths are not to be told
But we are those who want to know

And regret and cry out "I don't want! Don't want!"

Not to hurt someone's heart or one's own pride
We always smile and push true feelings aside

All the lies piled up twist my words inside
And hurt you, then hurt me
Alas! How foolish and brittle we are!

Who's that person in your eyes?
The "me" with a plastic smile

You always try to be nice to all people
And force yourself to smile even when it is hard
But I can tell what you do when you're alone
That you cry, then you cry, and you cry, but you cry

Can't you tell me the reason why you're crying?
Don't try to act tough when you are next to me
In this confusing and tricky liars' world
I trust you and believe you
And tell you my true words
that promise to save you
and break this nonsense and empty world



A part in red is NOT written in the original song in Japanese.
A part in yellow is somewhat my free translation.
For use of my translation in your work, please see this link.



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