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【English Lyrics】 Doll and Chocolate

(Original song was written and composed by Hinata Haruhana / ひなた春花)
Original Lyrics in Japanese

"I've written your birthday in my date book"
You told me and smiled mischievously
Your classical trick to delude me I know
But I can't help believing that you like me

I gave you a doll one day as a present
The other one is at my bedside, did you know?
You got it! That is what I meant
You are the one who's looked around nervously at my words

Oh, I'm fed up, I've had enough
Yet please don't take chocolate away

My strong desire is out of control
And I know sometimes it hurts your feelings badly
"Need not stop loving because you love it"
They told me on TV so I still love it, sorry

I'm not a doll or your puppet
So it's hard to breathe freely in a priggish doll's house
I step harder than others, but somehow
I end up as a wallflower every time

You pet the doll I gave so tenderly
Oh, dear! You'll never catch me looking at you sadly
My heartfelt gift for your birthday
A box of chocolate with lots of love and more nickel

Oh, why? How come?
Ain't it love?
Please don't break the spell you cast on me

My tongue is a disaster
It's a natural liar
A cheeky-talky never tells my true feelings
You call it love? Would you please stop it!
Your gentleness is too sweet for swallowing

"All you need is love" but "Love is blind"
The world is buckled up with too much love
And we lost the true love behind

Yet we're still waiting "The word is love"

If your life is a disaster like an endless torture
But no one hears your desperate cry for help
I'm always beside you
If only you ask me I'll give my life to you

And that's my "love" story



A part in red is NOT written in the original song in Japanese.
A part in yellow is somewhat my free translation.
For use of my translation in your work, please see this link.



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