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Suteneko Russian Blue

This is fabulous! Well worth watching!

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捨て猫ロシアンブルー (Russian Blue the outcast)
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I definitely recommend you to watch it in full-screen. NicoNicoDouga

Written by SHUN
Composed by SHUN and むっちー
Song by Miku Hatsune
Chorus by Rin Kagamine
Animation by llcheesell

The song was originally sung by Rin Kagamine with another PV.
Here is the original version of this song.
捨猫Russian Blue: NicoNicoDouga / YouTube
Lyrics in Japanese
Lyrics in Chinese

I can't find English translation of the lyrics.
I believe it will be done soon.

English & Romaji lyrics are here
A Stray Russian Blue
YouTube with English / Chinese / Romaji subs

The basic story of this song is like this;

A kitten was abandoned in a carton, not knowing what had happened to her.
She had been waiting to be saved by someone with a warm hand.
Even in the cold rain, she believed in warm memories with someone.
Then a man came and took the kitten in his room.
She wishes to be with her new guardian forever.

* In this PV the new guardian passed away and the cat followed him.
(See 3:31-3:37, a piece of white cloth is on his face then a candle is puffed out.)
They became stars in the sky and would be together forever...

(In the original song, the kitten may be a metaphor for a lonely girl.)

According to the website, the creator of this PV is a freelance motion graphic designer.
If you are interested in technics he used in the PV, visit his website. Vilvo Designworks
He gives generously of his knowledge and technics in English and Japanese.
...It's all Greek to me, though :))

Anyway I thought this great artwork should be shared by anyone in the world.
I love it so much and would like you to enjoy.

Thanks for reading!



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