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【English Lyrics】 KOKORO

(Original song was written and composed by Travolta P / トラボルタP)
Original Lyrics in Japanese

One day a lonely scientist developed a humanoid robot
To put its work just in a word, "Miracle"
However the last piece was missing, one thing hadn't been completed
The program for artificial spirit, its name Kokoro

The robot of miracle had been left alone for centuries
Then one day the lonely robot began to hope
I want to know what he had tried to write for me until his last breath
The program to make me perfect with Kokoro

The second I started to run the code, found the new dimension of "Me"
Why am I shedding tears? Why can't I stop it?
Why am I trembling so hard? Feeling my heartbeat speeding up
Is this what I wanted to have, is it the Kokoro?

Fushigi Kokoro Kokoro Fushigi
What is the feeling of joy? Now I know, I know it
Fushigi Kokoro Kokoro Fushigi
What is the feeling of grief? Now I know, I know it
Fushigi Kokoro Kokoro Mugen
What a shock inside me, I'm feeling my heart…!

Now I know the reason why I was born, why you wanted me to be "alive"
It was the feeling of loneliness, now I'm feeling the same
Yes, on that day and the other day, I must have felt something in me
All my memories begin to link to the feelings of my own

Now I do tell you from the bottom of my heart
Tell my own words, with my whole heart
Arigato Arigato
I thank you for bringing my life into the world
Arigato Arigato
For all the days we'd been together
Arigato Arigato
I thank you for all the things you gave me everything
Arigato Arigato
I'll sing for you forever…



A part in red is NOT written in the original song in Japanese.
A part in yellow is somewhat my free translation.
For use of my translation in your work, please see this link



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